How to Automate MIS Reports?


Creating a Single Source of Truth

Standardization and simplicity of MIS reports is a challenge that many organizations face with the growing complexities of business. Every unit starts maintaining its own reports and often all the reports do not give consistent information and decision making takes longer as different MIS need to be reconciled. Geographical spread of an organization across various countries also makes it challenging to have standardized MIS with consistent definitions across geographies.

We will use our extensive business experience to develop an MIS engine for your organization. Building an MIS engine or an MIS platform comes after creating data warehouse and datamarts which contain multi-dimensional data. Following are the steps involved in building robust MIS capabilities in any organization:

  • Identify all business processes which need to have an MIS (Sales, Collections,    Marketing, Underwriting etc)
  • Identify measures (sale units, dollar sales)
  • Identify dimensions (product, location, time, vintage etc)
  • Determine the lowest level of summary (daily, monthly, quarterly, annually etc)
  • Agree the reporting formats that best suit the stakeholders (excel tables, bar graphs, pie    charts etc)
  • Decide the periodicity of reports

All the MIS reports would be automated so that an incoming email from client can trigger the report generation. This will help your organization build a ‘single view of truth’ by:

  • Standardization across units, functions and geographies
  • Automating the MIS
  • Consistency in numbers across organization
  • Reducing cost of producing MIS

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