Dashboard Development Services – Keys to Effective Business Intelligence


Advanced analytics and business intelligence technologies are rapidly proliferating in the corporate sectors. They indeed play a crucial role in the successful operation of businesses from different verticals. Notably, dashboard development and API development services are the two most common business intelligence tools in this context that almost every business adopts. These services are capable of expanding your business and achieving the intended strategic, operational and tactical objectives.

A dashboard is typically a private webpage (you reach here after logging in) which allows the user a graphical representation of any data (shows graphs etc.) and allows user to conduct actions (changes in the data etc.). Typically a dashboard represents a data-rich environment for user-simplicity and effectiveness. In simple words, dashboards are visual representation of all crucial information that you require to achieve your pre-defined set of objectives. The consolidated arrangement of information on a single dashboard allows you to monitor everything at a single glance. An effective dashboard development allows the users to get better insight of A HUGE amount of data using very simple graphs and illustrations. Typical elements of a dashboard are:

  • Maps
  • Colourful overlays over specific sections of a map
  • Points, shown typically with icons based on their information
  • Hover effects – typically popups containing specific information about the point etc.

Benefits of Creating a BI Dashboard

Here are few of the benefits that an engaging performance dashboard offers:

  • Visibility: Ensures effective visibility as well as insight of business processes to the users.
  • Time efficient: Saves ample by providing updated results of every report.
  • Performance evaluation: Allows users to measure their performance capabilities with ease.
  • Unrestricted information: Ensures free flowing of information between the major players and users.
  • KPI determination: Helps the organizations to determine the metrics and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that drive the goals.

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